Bird on a Wire by North Sky Photography

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george bush did the ice bucket challenge? wake me up when he takes the waterboard challenge 


Cthulhu Rising, by Leo Gonzales, via Facebook.

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Conflict in Northern Ireland 

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The authoritarian mindset it takes to sit down and write an article that boils down to “Obey or get hit” is amazing. I bet that cop is sitting at home right now thinking “I really helped some people!”


Power Plant over frozen Lake Superior

“Sometimes they appear as surveillance cameras, security guards, police stopping and searching or shooting us. Other times, when that becomes too controversial, the forces of peace and justice reappear as the good cops who really seem to care about us, the earnest politicians who want to make everything better—whatever it takes to get public opinion back on the side of the ones who shoot the tear gas. Still other times, the forces of peace and justice are community leaders begging us to leave the streets, accusing us of being “outside agitators,” or promising some more effective outlet for our rage if only we will cooperate—anything to thwart, discredit, or defer immediate concrete struggle against injustice. In every case, it’s the same swindle: peace now, justice later.”
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The mental and rhetorical gymnastics some people will do just to avoid confronting the reality that the police aren’t the good guys is pretty depressing.