Giant metal bugs are real. #kansascity

“I enjoy controlled loneliness. I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love.”
— Kuba Wojewodzki, Polish journalist and comedian (via cyncerity)

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From the “Welsh Miners series” by Bruce Davidson, (1965).

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Park Row, Leeds, 1882 by John Atkinson Grimshaw (English, 1836—1893)

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Éditions Paul Martial, Paris
Eiffel tower, tank and rail bridge
c. 1930-31


Autumn forest.

2th Oct 2014

Southern Lapland, Finland. 

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The human body is a ridiculous thing that should be laughed at.


#1 Hot Vine Trend We Hope Continues: harassing rich people for the vine

My favorite horror trope is hidden catacombs and passageways in seemingly innocuous buildings (especially churches).

*Churching intensifies* #kansascity #church