Portrait d’une femme kurde de l’est du Kurdistan.

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Anna May Wong, 1934.


Xavier Sager gives us WWI allied style, featuring two Americans and one very exuberant Italian.

“Three years ago, a team of Israeli documentary-makers produced a brilliant film about the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank entitled The Gatekeepers. For this, they persuaded five former heads of the Shin Bet, the nation’s security service, to be interviewed on camera. The outcome was fascinating, and devastating. Each chief in turn described the ruthless policies he had enforced to sustain Israeli dominance. Most agreed that repression had been counter-productive. Part of the explanation, they said, was that since the assassination of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish fanatic back in 1995, no Jerusalem government has pursued a serious political strategy for peace. The security forces have simply been left to impose varying degrees of repression, while Jewish settlers grab ever-larger areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem. In a remarkable moment of frankness, one former Shin Bet chief said: ‘Occupation has made us a cruel people.’”

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Sexual orientation: 1930s MGM set design

Set Stills From Clarence Brown’s Wife Vs. Secretary (1936) 


Achille Mauzan postcard, 1920s.


"and i feel so much older now, and you’re much older too"

midtown, nyc.

(Fuji X-Pro1)